Quadrilateral Perspective
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Table of Contents
New Basic Concept of Exact Perspective
New System of Plane Projection
Parallel Perspective
Oblique Perspective
Aerial Parallel Perspective
Aerial Oblique Perspective
Integrated Perspective
Material Required
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= Traditional Perspective

= The Point (Meditation)

= Acknowledgment, Offering, Dedication

= Foreword

= Presentation

= Introduction

= Geometric Element

= Elements About the Vision

= New Foundation – New System

= Remarks

= Parallel Perspective (1 vanishing point)

= Aerial Parallel Perspective (2 vanishing points)

= Scales Most Used in Perspective Drawings

= Construction of the System


Parallel Perspective (1 Vanishing Point)

= Location of the Vanishing, View and Depth Points

= Planes in Several Positions From a Single View Point

= How to Draw a Cube

= Construction of Cubes in a Space Measured in Millimeters

= Construction of Boxes in Parallel Perspective Measured in Millimeters

= How to Draw a Plane in Squares in Parallel Perspective

= How to Draw an Environment in Parallel Perspective

= Construction of a Staircase in Parallel Perspective

= Inclination

= Inclination

= How to Draw a Spiral Staircase


Aerial Parallel Perspective (2 Vanishing Points)

= Parallel Perspective – aerial view

= Geometric Structure – view from top to bottom

= Parallel Perspective – aerial view from bottom to top


Oblique Parallel Perspective (2 Vanishing Points)

= Illustrative Drawing

= Cube in Oblique Perspective

= Construction of a Cube in Oblique Perspective

= Location of the Measurement Points

= Plane in Squares in Oblique Perspective

= Oblique Perspective

= How to Draw the Oblique Perspective and the Parallel Perspective Simultaneously, Within the Same Visual Space, With a Single View Point

= How to Work on Oblique Perspective Without Drawing a Plane in Squares

= Construction of a Staircase in an Environment Oblique Perspective

= Construction of a Spiral Staircase

= Inclination

= Construction of a Box With Raised Lid


Aerial Oblique Perspective (3 Vanishing Points)

= Geometric Structure


Integrated Perspective (5 Vanishing Points)

= Integrated Perspective (5 vanishing points)

= Geometric Structure


Study On The System

= Study Conclusion – Horizon Line 1.70 m high

= Horizon Line 1.70 m high

= Explanation on the Several Lines and Points in Quadrilateral Perspective

= Pentagonal Symmetry in Painting - Cosmic Harmony

= Conclusion



Material required to draw in perspective



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