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Yvonne Tessuto Tavares was born on April 25, 1929 in São Paulo, SP, Brazil.

She is the granddaughter of Italian immigrants both from the mother and father family side; she grew up in Vila Clementino District, where many Italian immigrant families lived by the end of the 19th century.

She graduated in Accountancy from Escola de Comércio Álvares Penteado in 1948.

She worked as an accountant for many years and while working for Citibank, she met Rubens Nunes Tavares, who became her husband. They have two children: Sérgio and Mauro.

In 1970 she enrolled for a four-year painting and drawing course at Escola Panamericana de Arte.

In 1975 she attended a 3-year perspective drawing course at Estúdio de Arte de Yara de Marchi.

For many years she tried to create, or to discover a system to remake the plane in three dimensions in order to free the three-dimensional space on the drawing.

In 1978 her efforts were rewarded with a brilliant idea that enabled her to create a new and revolutionary perspective system presently known as Quadrilateral Perspective.

Quadrilateral Perspective was divulged as a book in 1987. The publishing company owned by the author, Editora Perspectiva Quadrilátera Ltda. ME, was responsible for the direct mail marketing in Brazil until 1995, when due to health problems the author had to give up working with the book.

Now 76, Yvonne Tessuto Tavares decided to divulge her work free of charge to all those who might take an interest in it.

Yvonne Tessuto Tavares in 1929 -
Quadrilateral Flower



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