Quadrilateral Perspective
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New Basic Concept of Exact Perspective
New System of Plane Projection
Parallel Perspective
Oblique Perspective
Aerial Parallel Perspective
Aerial Oblique Perspective
Integrated Perspective
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This book includes:

= A description of Traditional Perspective - the difficulties encountered in producing three-dimensional drawings.

= The combination of two scientific principles, one dealing with flat space symmetry, the square, and the other with the vision, has enabled a new system for lowering the plane and a new basic concept for exact perspective to be discovered.

= Quadrilateral Perspective, which is based on this innovation, develops five types of perspective:

= The simultaneous construction of Parallel Perspective and Oblique Perspective, one inside the other.

= Construction using object dimensions, with only lines and selected points. No formulae or mathematical calculations.

= Slopes, stairs and spiral staircases are constructed inside an environment made up of different types of perspective, with undistorted images. This construction is produced using set squares, a ruler and the dimensions of the objects and the environment, from a single viewpoint.

= One geometric structure for every type of perspective enables the construction of perspective drawings that are practical and easy to execute.

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