Quadrilateral Perspective


Perspective is a device in three-dimensional drawing according to which the objects graphically represented on shortening scale (scorcio) plane give us the same impression of solidity experienced in real vision. It is absolutely essential to the making of artistic and technical designs and used by a great number of professionals who have to express their ideas graphically.

This new perspective system adapts itself to any type of exact perspective or to any type of drawing. It allows the construction of boxes in millimeters in a three-dimensional space; any object, even those with richer details can be drawn inside it.

The new foundation of this exact perspective comprises two overlapped images 17 centimeters apart from each other.

The association of two scientific elements led me to create this new perspective treatise and to the total conquest of space on the drawing.

I will briefly explain the two scientific elements that make up the new perspective basic concept: one is a geometric element and the other refers to the vision.


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